2011.5.13-14复旦利徐学社:IS Asia Pacific?Interreligious conflicts, dialogue and inventiveness in today’s Asia

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Is Asia Pacific?Interreligious conflicts, dialogue and inventiveness in today’s Asia
An introduction to the May 13-14 international conference organized by the Xu-Ricci Dialogue Institute
This conference is probably the first one being organized in China focusing both on Asian theology and on its contribution to harmony and cooperation within the region. It promises to open up new venues for Chinese theology by facilitating interaction between Chinese Christian thought and the one developed for a few decades already by Asian Christian thinkers, especially Korean and Japanese ones (there will be also representatives of India and Pakistan as well as two presentation of case studies on Indonesia.)There will be five sessions, focusing respectively on:- Theology and Practice of Interreligious Encounters;- Conflicts and Peace-building in Interreligious Context;- Religions and Peace in National Contexts;- Religious Education and Peacemaking;- Religions and World Visions.In the course of these sessions, the papers that will be delivered address issues such as: the way religious pluralism is lived in Japan and in India; cooperation in the field of ecology among Muslims and Christians in Indonesia; tensions and dialogue between Buddhists and Protestants in Korea; religions, nationalism and regional cooperation in East Asia…Among our speakers, let us note:- Dr. Heup Young KIM (金洽榮), a famous Korean theologian, is Professor of Systematic Theology and former Dean of the College of Humanities and Liberal Arts and the Graduate School of Theology at Kangnam University, Korea. He is also a co-moderator of the Congress of Asian Theologians (CATS) and a founding member of the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR). He has published numerous works in the areas of interfaith dialogue, theology of religions, Asian theology, and theology and science, including Wang Yang-ming and Karl Barth: A Confucian-Christian Dialogue (1996)  Christ and the Tao (2003), and Contemporary Sciences and Christianity (2006). - Dr. Amir Hussain is Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he teaches courses on world religions. Although born in Pakistan, Amir came to Canada with his family when he was four.. For 2011 to 2015, Amir is the editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the premier scholarly journal for the study of religion. He is the editor for the third edition of World Religions: Western Traditions, a textbook published by Oxford University Press in 2010. In addition, since 2005, Amir has written over 25 book chapters or scholarly articles about Islam and Muslims.- David Pinault is a Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University. Among the countries in which he has done field research are Pakistan, India, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and Indonesia.  Among several other books, he has written a volume on the struggle towards religious pluralism in Pakistan.- Prof. Dr. Michael AMALADOSS is a world-known Indian theologian. He is the author of 29 books, some in many languages, editor of 7, and author of more than 410 articles in theology in various languages.- Prof. Dr. Katsuhiro KOHARA, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, is the author of Politics of Religion: The Encounter of the Japanese Society and the Monotheistic World (2010).

亚洲是否和平? ——今日亚洲:宗教间的冲突、对话与创新











n  金洽荣(Dr. Heup Young KIM),韩国著名神学家,韩国江南大学系统神学教授,曾任该校人文学院院长及神学研究所主任,现任“亚洲神学家大会”(CAT)副主席,参与创办“世界宗教与科学学会”(ISSR),在宗教对话、宗教神学、亚洲神学及宗教与科学等领域著述颇丰,其中包括《王阳明与卡尔巴特——儒家与基督教的对话》(1996),《基督与道》(2003),《当代科学与基督信仰》(2006)。

n  埃米尔胡赛因(Dr. Amir Hussain),美国罗耀拉玛丽蒙特大学(Loyola Marymount University)神学教授,讲授世界宗教。生于巴基斯坦,四岁随家人迁居加拿大。从20112015年,胡赛因将担任知名宗教期刊《美国宗教学报》(Journal of American Academy of Religion)编辑。胡赛因博士是《世界宗教:西方宗教传统》(World Religions: Western Traditions)第3版的编辑,该书为牛津大学出版社2010年出版的教科书。此外,从2005年至今,在伊斯兰教与穆斯林研究方面,胡赛因博士撰写超过25篇相关论文。

n  大卫皮诺特(Prof. David Pinault),圣克拉拉大学宗教学教授,曾在巴基斯坦、印度、也门、突尼斯、摩洛哥、埃及和印度尼西亚进行田野调查。著述颇丰,并有专著研究巴基斯坦社会宗教多元化的努力。

n  迈克阿马拉多斯(Prof. Michael Amaladoss),世界知名的印度神学家,以不同语文出版29本专著,担任7本论著的编辑,并以多种语文出版神学论文410篇之多。

n  小原克博(Prof. Dr. Katsuhiro KOHARA),日本京都同志社大学教授,其中一本论著为《宗教政治——日本社会与一神宗教世界的相遇》(2010




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