Anna’s Archive (Z-Library, Library Genesis, Sci-Hub.)

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Search engine of shadow libraries: books, papers, comics, magazines. ⭐️ Z-Library, Library Genesis, Sci-Hub. ⚙️ Fully resilient through open source code and data.


Anna’s Archive is a project that aims to catalog all the books in existence, by aggregating data from various sources. We also track humanity’s progress toward making all these books easily available in digital form, through “shadow libraries”. Learn more about us.



Anna’s Archive is a non-profit, open-source search engine for “shadow libraries”. It was created by Anna, the person behind the Pirate Library Mirror, which is a backup of the Z-Library shadow library. She felt that there was a need for a central place to search for books, papers, comics, magazines, and other documents.

We strongly believe in the free flow of information, and preservation of knowledge and culture. With this search engine, we build on the shoulders of giants. We deeply respect the hard work of the people who have created the various shadow libraries, and we hope that this search engine will broaden their reach.

This is very much a "v0". In its current state this website has many, many flaws. Since Z-Library was taken down, we rushed to get this up and running, to make the Z-Library collection accessible again.

To stay updated on our progress, follow Anna on Twitter or Reddit.



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